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Business Vitality Plus

Our experienced business consultants will provide independent and objective guidance to ensure that you achieve your business's goals. Working closely with your business, Business VitalityPlus will help you:

  • identify key improvement activities that will add the most value to your business
  • develop a detailed action plan to achieve your objectives,
  • implement the action plan and take your business to the next level.

The three month program includes:
  • a review and analysis of your Business VitalityCheck components to identify key strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities,
  • an onsite advisory session to identify, and then prioritise, solutions for your business
  • development of an action plan detailing activities, timing and resources
  • three months of mentoring to implement your business' action plan.

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Plus here.

Business VitalityPlus is designed to complement Business VitalityCheck. For the best results, we recommend implementing both Business VitalityCheck and Business VitalityPlus.

Alternatively, you can also purchase the Business Vitality Package,  including both BusinessVitality Check and Business Vitality Plus, at a discounted rate. 

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