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Coaching – the key to employee commitment


18 March 2014 12:00 PM to 18 March 2014 01:00 PM


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Do you see yourself as a manager or a coach? Bestselling author and executive coach Dr Lois Frankel says that the difference between getting commitment from your staff and simply getting compliance is coaching, and the most effective leaders today see themselves as coaches and leaders rather than managers or supervisors.

HR consultant Paul Dickinson, in an interview with WorkplaceInfo, says that coaching is the keystone of a successful staff development program. 

‘The benefits derived from setting up a quality-driven, collaborative and solutions-focused coaching program are enormous for all parties involved,’ he said.
‘The knowledge, confidence and satisfaction gained from this process will inevitably lead to a true development of skills, an enhancement in performance and ultimately a more committed and loyal employee.’
‘As business confidence continues to grow, the companies with the commitment, ability and passion to develop their staff are less likely to lose them to their competitors.’
‘Employers need to ask themselves if they want their staff to be coached or poached.’
Do you want to learn how to coach yourself and your people? Australian Business HR Consulting can help you with our My People Coach program. My People Coach can help you:

  • Learn more about yourself as a person through our self-coaching methodology
  • Increase your emotional awareness
  • Learn to listen better – to yourself and especially to others
  • Listen to tone of voice
  • Read body language
  • Learn about team dynamics
  • Use your new-found awareness and coaching skills to develop and practice a coaching framework with your people

Interested in finding out more? Contact Larry Forsyth to learn more about the My People Coach program, or to book your sessions.

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