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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EQ) as an executive capability demonstrates personal and social competence and success.  

Emotional Intelligence is made up of 4 areas that all begin with the letter S:

  • Self Awareness - Awareness of one’s emotions and using it to guide one’s behaviour.  It is awareness of strengths and weaknesses and being confident in working towards goals.
  • Self Management - Ability to handle anger and frustration in a positive way and to put off immediate gratification in pursuit of a greater goal. It is the ability to deal with stress without falling apart and to cope in healthy ways. It is adapting to changes easily and expressing motivation and optimism in the face of obstacles.
  • Social Awareness - Ability to see things from another’s point of view and to see a situation accurately.  It is also one’s involvement and willingness to work with others for the common good of the group.
  • Social Skills - Ability to develop and maintain close relationships which involves honesty and trust.  It is one’s skill in working with others: communication, cooperation, assertiveness and negotiation of differences. This area of EQ includes the leadership skills of influencing and developing others. 

Executives need vision and emotional intelligence to shape their organisation’s culture and leadership and to develop and retain talented employees.  


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