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Myers Briggs

Myers-Briggs personality assessment, also known as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI, is the best known, most trusted and most widely administered indicator in use in organisations today.

Developed concurrently by psychologist Carl Jung in Switzerland, and the mother-daughter team of Myers-Briggs in the US, it consistently opens the world to new possibilities by providing a model to interpret behaviour.  

Myers-Briggs provides a framework for understanding these baffling differences in a way that makes sense. We all operate by habit, which is highly efficient, and comes at the cost of not having to notice the wide variety of options for interpretation and action. Whether you are a leader or an individual contributor, understanding your own habituated responses expands your options. Knowledge of your own Myers-Briggs preferences helps you recognise how to “translate” from the language of your preference, to another person’s preference.

Understanding Myers-Briggs differences helps you build a team and be aware of what preferences would add more richness and effectiveness. It can also help executives advance to a new higher level of functioning and highlights the value of differences.

Coaches generally use Myers-Briggs with Executive Coaching clients, as it is a useful reference for understanding self and others.


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