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An Innovation Saving Businesses Thousands

Release Date

20 August 2013

It is essential for businesses of all sizes to have legal compliant HR documents. Legally valid policies, agreements, forms and correspondence ensures that standards are set and the business has written documentation should any legal proceedings are presented against them. However, meeting with lawyers to create legally compliant HR, IR and Safety documents for businesses can be a very time consuming and expensive tasks.
Traditionally, paying a lawyer to create the documents was the only method for businesses to ensure that their company’s policies, forms, correspondence and agreements were compliant with legislations. This used to cost businesses thousands of dollars to create and hundreds to review & update when legislations are changed. Some businesses may even be reluctant to enforce or update their documents as they simply didn’t have the money to do so.
As like everything, the World Wide Web has changed and improved the way we do things. Businesses have now moved a lot of practices online – saving them time and money.  
This innovation has created a means for businesses wanting to create legally compliant documents without paying lawyers thousands of dollars.
Online resources, such as HR Advance, provide businesses access to a library of over 200 HR, IR and Safety documents. Businesses are able to select, customise, store and manage legally compliant documents in minutes - saving them thousands of dollars.
For more information on the innovation of creating legal compliant documents online, you can contact us via email or on 1800 505 529. 

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