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HR Business Partnering - Proactive & Predictive

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21 October 2013

I’m ONE!  Yes, it’s been 12 months since I commenced my role here at Australian Business Consulting & Solutions (ABCS) and what an incredible ride it’s been.  Believe it or not the white knuckles have become increasingly pink and are almost back to their original tanned colour.  This doesn’t mean the work is less challenging, moreover our customers are becoming increasingly empowered by the way in which we work alongside them and support them to achieve their own organizational goals and objectives.

Over these last 12 months while I’ve built a good level of trust and rapport with my team, internal colleagues and external customers, what has become clearly evident is that many companies (Manufacturing, Health, Transport, Cooperatives, Industrial) we work with are moving to selecting a HR Business Partnering relationship with our consulting team, instead of employing a full time HR position.
Subsequently, the HR Business Partnering approach if adopted has a twofold delivery outcome.  1) You receive HR services and products delivered by an experienced and qualified HR professional with at least 10 years’ experience in an accelerated and timely manner and 2) You have the work delivered in a flexible, structured and systematic format, based on each required HR project piece.

In these terms as the HR Business Partnering approach is agreed to and progressed, compared to employing a full time HR position which has been remunerated in the vicinity of $80 - $150k per annum, the HR Business Partner is only paid for the work agreed to and implemented as part of that HR project at that time. 

In the short term from a proactive metrics perspective there is an estimated cost saving of 50% or more compared to a full time HR role and further, from a longer term predictive metrics perspective the cost saving increases in the vicinity of 200% over a 12 month to two year timeframe.  Now that isn’t a bad saving in these challenging economic times.
So, if you’ve identified a HR gap based on your analysis, and you are now looking to ‘bring back’ your HR capability based on losses out of the GFC and possibly beyond then think about HR Business Partnering.  It could just be the right move, at the right moment, for the right reasons that you’ve been looking for or perhaps, even thinking about.   If you would like to know more about our HR Business Partnering methodologies at ABCS, throw me an email or just pick up the phone.  It won’t cost a cent and will be well worth your time.

Larry Forsyth is a Senior Manager, WHS & HR Consulting Services with Australian Business Consulting & Solutions. If you have any questions, please contact him on 07 3842 2210 or larry.forsyth@australianbusiness.com.au

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