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Social Media – No Policy, No Case

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27 May 2013

Recent studies show that a third of employees are using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for more than an hour a day at work. As social media is becoming more and more popular, it is important for businesses to outline whether or not employees are allowed to access social media during work hours. According to some reports, businesses are losing millions of dollars due to lack of productivity as employees are spending time on non-work related social networking activities.

Supply chain company, Linfox dismissed one of their employees when some unflattering references were made on Facebook about others in the workplace. Linfox lost the subsequent unfair dismissal case as they didn’t have policy relating to the use of social media by its employees. In the ruling, Fair Work Australia’s commissioner stated that there was ‘no excuse’ for Linfox not having a social media policy and in fact the employee was unfairly dismissed. In light of the above, the employee received reinstatement and compensation for lost wages.

With cases like this becoming more common, it is essential that businesses protect themselves as the repercussions can be harmful to a brands reputation which may take years to rebuild.

Employers need to focus on how they can legally control their employee’s access to social media. Businesses should have a social media policy in place which educates staff on expectations and appropriate use of social media during work hours. The policy should make the employees aware that negative comments and opinions or disclosure of confidential information about their employer is not acceptable.  

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