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Yes, it’s true…14,000 public service jobs lost in Queensland.

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02 October 2012

Yes, it’s true…14,000 public service jobs lost in Queensland. 

Does this align with National and Global job losses in other sectors as well?  You can bet your bottom dollar, it does!  What are industries doing now because of what has happened to these job losses?  Perhaps they are still in shock and do not have a planned approach.  There are obviously many questions, perceptions, actions and decisions to make.  As competent people, managers and leaders who have seen the Service Profit Chain from employee induction all the way to revenue and profitability pillars strengthen and weaken over the past 10 years, depending on how you look at it, ask what are the next steps we should take to ensure organizational sustainability for our industries and our people? 

How can we help the people who work in our organisations and the people who have lost their jobs, too. On one hand, it becomes obvious to many of us it is a constant juggling act, but then on other hand haven’t we been doing that (the juggle) for some time now? 

From a human resource and industrial relations perspective which go hand in hand right across the vast spectrum of organizational life, it seems apparent especially in these uncertain times, we must continue to ensure human resources (our people) are behaviourally supported, nurtured, listened to and developed as part of a performance management framework.  If we allow the latter to diminish, even in these uncertain times, as competent people, managers and leaders we are not demonstrating our own capabilities.  In terms of industrial relations while we must meet our obligations under Fair Work Systems (managing leave & performance, protecting against unfair dismissal) it is essential that we juggle and include as well, the actions and behaviours mentioned earlier in this article.

One last question for reflection to take with you.  If we know how to manage leave & staff performance and protect against unfair dismissal, how do we support, nurture, listen and develop our people?  Perhaps your mind has gone blank.  What I hope though is that your actions (that juggling moment) will support, nurture and develop your staff and as you go about your role, they will come to learn that you listen, you value them and ultimately you’re a good juggler too. 

If you want to know more about our HR/IR products and services, particularly around Performance Management and managing staff, then Australian Business Consulting & Solutions can help you.  Look out for our performance management information and product sessions coming to a location near you in November 2012. 

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