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Trade delegations and business matching

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions has an extensive network of connections to make your visit to Australia worthwhile and build strong commercial links in Australia.

Through our close relationship with business chambers, Australian Business International Trade is uniquely positioned at the heart of a large business network, which are interested and eager for international opportunities.

Australian Business International Trade has the expertise to promote, manage and facilitate events for visiting delegations. These include networking events, product showcases and business matching.

Networking events and product showcases

Networking events are held over a period of two to four hours to give guests a chance to learn more about doing business with your country, and any timely topics. These events comprise one or more hours of information-based presentations, and an hour of networking and refreshments.

Product showcases are a display of the delegation participants’ products or services. This gives attendees a chance to see your products and talk to the businesses behind them.  Our Trade Team will:

  • Work with you to promote the event throughout our networks, our business and Government alliances, and the media.
  • Create all event-related promotional materials such as invitations and emails.
  • Develop the agenda.
  • Source relevant guest speakers, and/or prepare and present a market overview and introduction.
  • Provide a market and pre-visit briefing for the delegation.
  • Manage the event logistics on the day including catering, room and equipment set-up.

Business matching

Conduct a one-on-one meeting with an Australian business interested in a particular delegate’s products or services.  Our Trade Team will

  •  Promote business matching throughout our networks, and our business and Government alliances.
  • Create all relevant promotional materials.
  • Coordinate and manage the business matching schedules for the delegation for the period of the visit. This is organised and communicated to participants before they arrive in Australia.
  • Upon completion of the visit, a report will be produced for you outlining all activities conducted. A database of contacts that attended or showed interest in the event or business matching will be provided.


Australian Business Consulting & Solutions is committed to providing quality business connections and professional information. To maintain this standard, the following conditions are applied to all International Trade Delegations or Trade Missions.

1. Australian Business Consulting & Solutions will only work with Government led or endorsed delegations and delegations from recognised chambers.

2. A minimum of three months notice of a delegation visit is needed for Australian Business Consulting & Solutions to submit a proposal. Approaches outside of this timeframe cannot be considered. All costs will be included in the proposal including daily work fees, printing costs, catering, room and equipment hire.

3. Based on the content of the event and the core industries of the delegates, Australian Business Consulting & Solutions will estimate how many Australian businesses will attend events and/or be involved in business matching.

4. The proposal will include an events checklist, which sets out the dates that Australian Business Consulting & Solutions requires information from you. To ensure the success of your visit, these deadlines will need to be strictly adhered to.

5. For Australian Business Consulting & Solutions to organise any events and/or business matching, the submitted proposal must be accepted at least 8 weeks before you arrive in Australia.

6. Due to privacy laws, Australian Business Consulting & Solutions can only supply delegations with names, titles and company names of those that register for our events.

7. Australian Business Consulting & Solutions is based in the state of New South Wales and therefore largely has networks in this state. Where necessary, Australian Business Consulting & Solutions may be able to work with our Chamber partners in other states to facilitate delegation visits elsewhere.

8. Whilst Australian Business Consulting & Solutions will use all measures within our power to promote the partnership, we cannot guarantee event attendance.

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