SP Joshi

Senior Advisor, India
SP Joshi is Australian Business Consulting and Solutions' senior advisor in New Delhi. Joshi has a successful background in marketing and sales of fine chemicals, innovative engineering products, automobiles, and industrial products.

Most recently, he was the Vice President of Degussa AG (India), a major German fine chemicals company. His previous senior management posts include Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd, and Madras Cement Ltd. Joshi's areas of expertise include marketing, sales, distributor management and joint venture and subcontract manufacturing set up.

He is also a part-time visiting lecturer in marketing and business development at two leading New Delhi business schools. His most recent projects for Australian clients have focused on food and beverage, retail, FMCG and light engineering covering in depth market analysis, supply chain analysis, distributorship set up, due diligence and joint venture set up.

Joshi has assisted a wide range of companies to enter the India market from Singapore, Germany, Canada and Australia. Aided by a lawyer specialised in joint venture set up, an accountant specialised in transfer tax issues and three researchers and business analysts, Joshi has substantial networks across government agencies and private industry.

Country specialisation

Industry expertise
  • Engineering products
  • Automobiles
  • Consumer durables
  • Building materials
  • Tyres
  • Chemicals
  • Industrial products.

  • Bachelor of Engineering, University of Udaipur, India
  • MBA (Post Graduate Diploma in Management), Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

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