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Case study: Albany International

Albany International's Customer Service Rep, Teisha Hoad, manages the company's Certificates of Origin. She says that requests from the company they are exporting to are the most common reason they need certificates.

"I have to supply certificates to companies in China for most letters of credit. We also export to Europe and we have to supply a certificate for use in the customs clearance process," says Hoad. 

"The free trade agreement with Thailand has prompted Thai companies to ask for a Certificate of Origin as proof that the goods are from Australia. This is so they can claim the duty back from the Thai Government. If we don't supply the Certificate of Origin, the company importing the goods from us has to pay duty, increasing the cost of our product. 

"The duty exemption under TAFTA makes our products more price competitive against products from other countries that don't have the same advantage. We have quite a few competitors in Europe and North America that export into our market, and now we have an advantage over them because of TAFTA." 

Getting this advantage is not a complicated or timely process.  "Getting the certificates is simple. We get our certificates from Australian Business Consulting and Solutions. They send a template that we fill in each time, email to them, before getting it back the following day," says Hoad. 

"The good thing is that one certificate covers a whole shipment. Even if a shipment has ten different products you still only need one certificate."

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