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Certificates of Origin

Certificates of Origin verify the place of growth, production or manufacture of goods and contain certification by an empowered authority.

What is a Certificate of Origin?

Certificates of Australian Origin are used to specify goods that have been grown, produced or manufactured in Australia. Similarly, a Certified Declaration of Origin verifies the origin of goods manufactured outside Australia and or combined in a shipment with Australian originating products.

How to obtain a Certificate of Origin

Certificate of origin application can be submitted via email or using electronic platform.

To ensure faster export documentation processing, we offer electronic issuing of Certificates of Origin which is an online solution that allows exporters to submit and receive Certificates of Origin electronically.

An approved certificate will be returned to your email inbox or you can easily obtain it from the Web. Printing needs to be performed only if required, eliminating the need to keep physical copies. System requirements are an internet connection and colour printer.

To register please contact:
Email: Exportdocs.cbd@australianbusiness.com.au
Tel : 02 9350 8128

Why do I need a Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Australian Origin is often required:

  • To export certain goods from Australia
  • For customs clearance at the port of delivery
  • As stipulated in a letter of credit.

The certificates are used for customs clearance at the destination country. Certificates of Origin can also be requested by the overseas buyer or the business receiving your goods. In some instances the company receiving the goods will require a Certificate of Origin before authorising their bank to issue a letter of credit and thus payment.

In accordance with some free trade agreements, Certificates of Origin are required as part of the application for preferential tariffs. For example, Australian exports must be registered under the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) and accompanied by a TAFTA Certificate of Origin in order to qualify for the preferential rates.

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