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What export documentation do I need?

The documents that you will need for exporting will vary depending on which country you are exporting to, and how you are transporting the cargo. It is important to investigate which export documents apply to your business.
Australian Business Consulting and Solutions can assist identify the documentation required and are authorised to issue many forms of documentation.

Australian Business Consulting and Solutions can issue:

  • AANZFTA Certificates of Origin
  • ATA Carnets
  • Certificates of Australian Origin
  • Certified Declarations of Origin
  • TAFTA Export Registrations
  • TAFTA Certificates of Origin

Australian Business Consulting and Solutions can authorise a variety of export documents. These include (but are not limited to):
  • Certificates of Free Sale
  • Health Certificates
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • Certificates of Manufacture
  • Supplier Declarations of Conformity
  • Visa Letters.

New exporters

As a new exporter, your first step is to register with Australian Customs for their Integrated Cargo System. There will be many other types of documents you need, such as bills of lading, bills of exchange and insurance certificates.

Documents requested by country

You will need these documents as requested by the country you are exporting to. The Austrade website maintains information on each market and the import documents that are required for that market.  For more in-depth information about documentation requirements in a particular market, contact us.

For more information on how we can help your business, please give us a call on 1800 505 529 or send an email. Our Team are here to help.

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