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A snapshot of the People's Republic of China

  • China is situated in eastern Asia, bounded by the Pacific in the east and Russia and Mongolia to the north.
  • The third largest country in the world, next to Canada and Russia, it has an area of 9.6 million square kilometres, or one-fifteenth of the world's land mass.
  • A one-party state, it is dominated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
  • Its capital is Beijing.
  • Head of State is President Xi Jinping.
  • Premier, Li Keqiang, heads the State Council, the most important administrative body of the Central Government.
  • The CCP's Politburo also plays a key decision-making role in relation to reforms affecting the commercial environment.
  • Has the world's highest population of 1.3 billion. The eastern part of China is densely populated, while the western part is sparsely peopled.
  • Is the world's second biggest economy.
  • Has one of the world's oldest continuous histories and civilisations.
  • It has a rich and diversified culture and is also known for its great historical and engineering achievements – The Great Wall of China, The Grand Canal and the Karez irrigation system. It is the birthplace of papermaking and printing, gunpowder and the compass.
  • Its people have a strong sense of pride based on their country's history and ancient culture.
  • More than 90 percent of China is comprised of the Han Chinese. The rest are minority groups.
  • Around 60 percent of its population live in rural areas.
  • Mandarin, also known as putonghua or the common language, is the official language and is spoken by all but a minority. It is the language taught in schools and supported by the government. Mandarin is one of the official working languages at the United Nations. Other dialects of the 55 minority nationalities are heard throughout China.
  • China's currency is the reminbi (RMB) which means the people's money. The unit currency of the RMB is called the yuan.

There are 1.3 billion people in China. While a population of this size might sound like an exciting opportunity for your product or service, it is important to understand the demographics of China to identify your actual potential customers.

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