SE Asia

By capitalising on the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, South East Asia holds significant opportunities for Australian businesses. The International Trade team has a strong contact network and experience in this region and can assist you with all your Vietnam export, import and on-the-ground establishment needs.

Export tips for SE Asia

South East Asia is a mixture of nations and cultures which have combined under regional block called ASEAN.  For exporters, it is critical to understand each of these nations are different – and should be considered individually when developing an export strategy... read more.


Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement

KAFTA entered into force on 12 December 2014
The agreement eliminates or reduces barriers to the trade in goods between Korea and Australia. This benefits Australian businesses that seek to export Australian goods to Korea or want to import Korean goods for sale in Australia... read more.

ASEAN FTA made easy

Australia's closest neighbours have opened their doors to free trade with Australia. If you'd like to take advantage of the opportunities that come with this, the Australian Business International Trade team can assist with a sound trade strategy and the right export documentation... read more.

Export opportunities in SE Asia

A new market of 600 million people with an estimated GDP of around US$ 2.7 trillion – makes SE Asia an export opportunity few businesses can afford to miss out on. Can you?... read more.
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