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How to access Thailand's preferential rates

Australian companies have access to the Thai market of 64 million people through the Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement, however receiving the preferential rates is not automatic.

Overview: Thailand Free Trade Agreement

Thailand Australia Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) preferential rates aren’t automatic. Australian exports must be registered under the TAFTA and accompanied by a TAFTA Certificate of Origin in order to qualify for the preferential tariffs. If you don't register the exported goods will be subject to Most Favoured Nation (MFN) rates as opposed to TAFTA rates.

TAFTA Export Documentation

Australian Business International Trade Services is authorised to register exporters and issue TAFTA Certificates of Origin. Our registration service is FREE and our TAFTA Certificates of Origin are competitively priced and delivered in a prompt and accurate manner.

What you need to do

Step 1: Read our TAFTA information pack and complete a Deed of Declaration to register your export goods.

Step 2: Send your completed Deed of Declaration to Australian Business International Trade Services.

Step 3: Once your Deed of Declaration has been received and accepted, we will send you your registration number and a TAFTA Certificate of Origin template to complete and return.

Helpful hints

  • TAFTA registration is free but it is advisable to list all export goods to Thailand on the one declaration. Should you need to register additional goods, you will need to complete a new declaration.
  • Under the TAFTA, goods that are wholly obtained or produced in Australia are eligible for the preferential tariff rates. Goods that are partly produced in Australia can also be declared as originating in Australia providing third country inputs have undergone a change in tariff classification as a result of production processes in Australia. Australian Business International Trade Services can assist you with the classification process.
  • A separate, valid TAFTA Certificate of Origin is required for each shipment of goods attracting a preference.
  • Goods that don’t meet the rules of origin, or lack a Certificate of Origin are still permitted for export, but they will be subject to the MFN tariff rate. MFN rates are general rates that apply to goods from all countries and are generally higher than the TAFTA rates. Where the Thai MFN rate is zero or less than the TAFTA rate, that product doesn’t have to meet the rules of origin and a Certificate of Origin isn’t required.

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