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A message from the Turkish Consulate General

Release Date

26 October 2012

It is a pleasure to inform you that the Confederation of Businessmen and Industrials of Turkey (TUSKON) is organising another World Trade Bridge series for the second time this year.

TUSKON’s World Trade Bridge series have gained a wide recognition in international business circles. This year’s event held on 3-10 June 2012 hosted 1470 businesspeople from 130 different countries along with 1200 Turkish companies and 200 exhibitors.

Following on this successful event, TUSKON is looking forward to welcoming even more international visitors and exhibitors to its event on 26-30 November 2012.

Primary aim of this second event is to bring together the Turkish manufacturing companies operating in the textile, home textile and related machinery and leather industries with their international counterparts.

In this exciting trade mission TUSKON is planning to host:

  • 800 companies from Africa, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, North and Latin America 
  • 1000 Turkish companies 
  • Countless companies from Europe and Balkan States

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