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Celebrating Olympic Gold

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31 August 2012

Being responsible for an Olympic gold medal isn’t something that happens to our staff every day; however Marie-Claude Halimanis, Senior Carnet Advisor with Australian Business Consulting & Solutions can now boast that she is.

Marie-Claude has been working within our organisation for 19 years and can finally be credited with a little piece of London gold. Marie-Claude processes over 800 Carnets a year, which easily see’s her in first place, the rest of Australia combined can only be credited with around 400 a year! 

Australians are often noted to be very laid back and relaxed in their approach to most things in life. However, the Australian 470 sailing team works very hard on perfecting the art of sailing, they didn’t work so hard on organising their equipment arrival in London.

Lucky for the sailing crew Marie-Claude could save the day. She was able to organise the ATA Carnet so fast that the team was able to move all their equipment in a swift and timely manner. Let’s say it put the wind back in to the teams sails! Marie-Claude went above and beyond the regular call of duty to get that equipment over to London – How is that for Aussie spirit! Of course as you would all know the 470 sailing team won the Gold in London, congratulations boys and also Marie Claude!

So let us help you achieve your dreams, Gold medal worthy or not.

Certified export documentation is required by many countries. Understanding the right export documents is essential for smooth import and export procedures, to ensure customs clearance and facilitate duty exemptions.

Export documentation must be provided by an authorised body. Australian Business Consulting & Solutions is authorised to issue Certificates of Australian Origin on behalf of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is acknowledged by the Australia Customs Service and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Marie-Claude helps hundreds of businesses every year with the complex ATA Carnet Certificate. ATA Carnets allow for the temporary admission of goods into a country. Usually when you import an item you will have to pay duty at customs. If like an Olympic team who may move their equipment between three of four countries in the weeks leading up to the Olympics you can expect to pay duty in to every country you enter. It can be very expensive and while you can try to get this money back, it can take a very long period of time.

Export Documents can be provided via your choice of two electronic systems, or collected in person from our Export Documentation teams. Let us help you succeed in your International Trade journey!

If you require further information and any assistance contact us today on 1800 505 529 or via email.

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