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Did you know Indonesia participation in AANZFTA commenced 12th January 2012?

Release Date

22 April 2012

As you may know the AANZFTA (ASEAN, Australian, New Zealand Free Trade Agreement) commenced in January 2010, but not all Nations had all relevant domestic laws in place to enable participation.

One such country was Indonesia who has now had this FTA ratified by their parliament and will now offer the benefit under this FTA to complying Australian exporters and their Indonesian clients. Should your product currently attract import duty in Indonesia there is the potential to have this duty waived or reduced.

Please check with your Indonesian importer, and should your product attract import duties, you can now apply for an AANZFTA Certificate of Origin which, if your products are compliant with the FTA rules of origin, your importers will gain the benefit of this FTA. Should this FTA be beneficial for you please contact your State business chamber and we will send you the registration forms and blank AANZFTA certificates. If you have already registered under this FTA for other ASEAN countries there is no need to re-register. Just complete the AANZFTA Certificate of Origin and submit Australian Business Consulting & Solutions for attention.

We hope this news makes you more competitive in the Indonesian market. If you need any assistance or require further information to contact Australian Business Consulting & Solutions  Email: Tel:1800 505 529.

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