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Fuzhou Wine Trade

Release Date

19 February 2013

The city of Fuzhou located in the Fujian Province for the first time hosted the National Wine & Spirits Fair which is usually in Chengdu in Sichuan Province.  It was a huge success – the wine market in Fujian Province is growing fast. While the Event was on, smaller Wine Promotions were held every day of the week all over Fuzhou city in 5 star hotels and other venues. 
The quality of the wine consumed in China is improving and a bottle can be purchased at an affordable price (like in Australia). The Statistics show more than 70 million dollars’ worth of wine was exported to Fujian and Australia was #2 exporter to the Province. There is positive growth in the wine industry in Fujian. The growth is stronger in Fujian Province than it is in the Provinces with first tier cities. The Fujian region is growing at 12% GDP per annum and needs to become more well known to Australian Exporters as Trade here is booming!

New venues are opening such as a Classy Wine Bar that used to be an Underground Army Bunker. Through the back corridor, they have 6 levels below ground. This area has been converted to 30,000 square meters of wine storage with stable/cool temperature areas for storage.  Above the wine bar is a nightclub, restaurant and hotel.  Other Wine Retailers are boutique wine outlets, wine cellars, supermarkets and bottle shops.

About the Wine Trade in China generally…
China is now the world's fastest growing wine consumption market.  Australia is China's second largest supplier of bottled wine next to France, supplying 21% of China's imported bottled wine and is worth about US $117 million in 2010 and has around 20% market share.
The sharp increase in wine imports can be attributed to Consumption tax on White Spirit (rice wine) has risen causing a price increase on spirits. Import duties (bottled wine) dropping from 65% to14% following China's accession to the WTO. Overall wine demand has increased and this has pulled in more imported wine, especially from Australia.

Article by Mr Gary Dawes who attended the Fuzhou Wine Event and presented at various events to encourage Australian Wine Trade with China. He is a TradeStart Manager with the NSW Business Chamber.

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