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Introducing the Export/Import Certificate

Release Date

13 March 2017

In 1923 the International Chamber of Commerce put out its first incoterms text. The document was designed to allow exporters and importers to communicate the responsibilities of each party in a contract of sale. This was an attempt to standardise trading practices and provide both sides of the transaction with clear wording for their legal protection in their dealings. The text has been modernised continually since and a new Incoterms book is set to be published in 2020.
While the Incoterms text provides a basis for the creation of contracts of sale, much of the surrounding practicalities of international trade remain uncodified. The ICC is wants to take the guesswork out of as many aspects of trade as possible through their most recent qualification course, the Export/Import Certificate. This certificate includes courses on shipping and sourcing, business transactions and contracts, even best practices for managing a global business. This is by no means the first course that seeks to educate importers and exporters on the risks and requirements of trading; however the position of the ICC as a peak international body means that they are able to offer the course as a global qualification. By doing so, they hope to foster a universal language and understanding of the process of international trade. The course is not just aimed at building the foundation of knowledge for new exporters and importers, but to reaffirm the practices of those with more experience, as well as give a glimpse into the considerations of these businesses for forwarders, government auditors or trade promotion sales staff.
With nearly a hundred years creating the rules and standards of international trade, this foundation course both improves participants understanding of trade and provides an understanding of the universalities of the industry. The ICC Academy has created this course in order to educate every party on not just their responsibilities, but those of their business partners. Along with this general entry course, the academy offers the Global Trade Certificate and Certified Trade Finance Professional qualifications, aimed at enhancing the understanding and knowledge of the role of finance in international trade. All courses will be on offer through the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as ICC’s Australian representative. For more information on all courses, please click here.

Author: Nick Linsley

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