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Made Not Born

Release Date

10 December 2013

Exporters are a unique group that has the guts to build companies through courage, innovation and committed perseverance: exporters are made not born.

The types of exporters are many and varied from the ones that traditionally put cargo on planes and ships, travel the world to exhibitions, seminars and forums.  There are the exporters who sell intangible products such as services, which are carried in laptops, ipads or even briefcases.

There is also the new breed of exporters who inhabit cyber space and sell via the internet, through social media, through global communication channels.

Do they all get it right? Is a common question that comes up when companies are surveyed, and responses vary due to product, target markets, selling methods.  Most importantly success or failure was linked to leadership.  Exporting needs a champion within the company ranks who will, against all odds challenge negativity as it appears from internal opposition and doomsayers.

Taking the role of leading the export challenge is not just being a good or bold salesperson; it is understanding the vast complexities which exist outside domestic market success. It requires the development of cross border strategies, understanding cultural differences, different rules, regulations and ways of doing business. These understandings take time and resources to comprehend and put into play. Success is built off a platform of knowledge, patience and strategy.
In this modern world of international trade time can become your nemesis and the leadership task of developing export success becomes more difficult. Successful leaders understand where their own abilities can be best used and then delegate other tasks to specialist personal to ensure that there is a holistic approach to get the exporting momentum moving to deliver outcomes agreed to in the export strategy.

The foregoing structure will in many cases, not work for SME’s as the “team” may only be one person and all the tasks of research, strategy development, travel, costing, marketing foreign currency payments, logistics and many more will fall to that person to understand and deliver. This is where the greatest potential for failure may lay. The question confronting the lone exporter is how to do everything and win? The solution is outsourcing to specialists who can do what may take you weeks and months to do in a matter of days as that is what they do for a living. There is nothing wrong with admitting you cannot do everything. Your goal is to make profits, and the business costs associated in doing things you have no experience with will not lead to this outcome. By using specialist consultants you get tasks done quicker, cost effectively and create the best chance of getting it right the first time.

Engaging with international trade specialists will also accelerate your personal learning’s and in time assist you in becoming a successful exporter.

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions has a team of international trade specialists who are ready to assist you with your export success, and at the same time making exporting exciting and profitable.

Ian Bennett – Senior Manger International Trade

About the Author

Ian Bennett, Senior Manager, Australian Business International Trade has been helping Australian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) achieve offshore success for over 16 years, by providing trade advice, assisting with strategy development, export planning and implementation and getting connected in overseas markets.


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