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You have a product, you have a distributer, but do you have a plan?

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09 July 2013

The single biggest mistake that many businesses entering the international market make is thinking that because they have a product, they’ve chosen a country to enter and they found themselves a distributor, that international success is guaranteed.

Many forget to ask the very obvious question ‘will anyone want to buy it?’ And if they do, how do I let them know it’s available for purchase?

Marketing internationally isn’t as simple as marketing in your own country. There are often cultural traditions that must be respected in order for your product to be accepted. Each market has their own set of formalities that need to be adhered to. This can include the way the product is barcoded, packaging requirements, even the wording and colours that are used on marketing material such as websites, brochures and ads.

If you get these elements wrong, your global initiative is doomed before it even starts. It’s not as simple as producing more of your local supply of product and putting it on a ship overseas. Professional support is a must as the process is complex and the smallest mistake could result in your investment being in vain.

Entering a global market that is in growth stage is often a wise strategy, however for it to make a return on investment it needs to be done right.

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