Darek Swiderski

Business Adviser, Sydney NSW
Entrepreneurs' Programme
e: darek.swiderski@australianbusiness.com.au
m: 0418 768 534
Darek Swiderski

Darek’s experience covers all facets of business management having worked for a number of Australian and overseas small to medium sized businesses. He brings a unique blend of engineering and business experience to this role.

His strengths are business and financial planning, supply chain management, operations management in a manufacturing environment and strong international trade experience. Darek was instrumental in designing and implementing many operational system improvements for a leading solar products manufacturer.

He has been trained overseas and in Australia in some of the most advanced supply chain planning tools (Oracle ERP ASCP module). In addition Darek brings a wealth of international trade experience covering logistics, market selection, market entry strategies and international business plans from time spent as a TradeStart Manager, an Austrade Initiative.

During his time at TradeStart, Darek was instrumental in many manufacturing companies achieving export success. By having the right blend of experience, skills and qualifications Darek is committed to helping businesses grow and achieve outstanding results in this highly competitive market place. 

Darek’s qualifications include a Master’s of Science in Engineering, Diploma of International Trade Management and Certificates in Supply Chain Management, Transportation Management and Accounting, Project Management.

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