Madonna Armit

Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Ballina NSW
Entrepreneurship Facilitator Service
m: 0422 771 812
Madonna Armit
Madonna is the Entrepreneurship Facilitator appointed to service the Richmond - Tweed (Ballina) region - an initiative of the Australian Government.

Madonna started her career as a designer and has over 30 years business experience working in a diverse range of industries including textile and clothing, education and training, safety and industrial, food and agriculture.

Within each industry, Madonna has demonstrated her ability to successfully identify the drivers of change and trends. She has established new product opportunities and enhanced customer value propositions by creating strong product differentiation designed to grow market share and increase margins. Rigorous analysis, research, planning and her passion for commercialising innovation forms the foundation of Madonna’s product development and branding strategies.

Throughout her career, Madonna has established complex international supply chains and quality systems in compliance with highly regulated industries. Her ability to influence strategic decision makers throughout the supply chain is a result of her methodical attention to detail and her ability to communicate efficiently and effectively to all stakeholders with infectious enthusiasm.

Madonna has worked across all levels of business and management within small businesses and large corporations. She has established and built five businesses in Australia and as a result has developed extensive knowledge of commercial, regulatory, financial and business administrative practices to assist and mentor small business owners to establish and realise the potential of their business.

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