Mark Osborne

Business Adviser, Townsville QLD
Entrepreneurs' Programme
m: 0490 126 150
Mark Osborne
Mark is a Business Adviser based in Townsville, QLD specialing in delivering business improvement services to the Tourism sector. He has senior-level management experience in a wide range of private sector organisations, ranging from SMEs to large multinationals.

He has a wealth of experience, including senior level strategic sales and marketing, organisational change, product specification and design, research and development management, brand development and management, international distribution management, staff management and development, as well as the creation of efficient, value adding processes and systems.  This knowledge has been gathered in various roles spanning a 35-year career in multiple industry sectors and has taken Mark all over Australia and the world.

Mark works with businesses to:
  • identify the issues holding back the business,
  • provides recommendations to implement bespoke solutions designed to meet the needs of the business and the owners. 
  • provides ongoing assistance during the process to ensure that owners and managers understand the why and how of organisational change, and to get it into place effectively so the benefits can be accessed.

He has successfully launched major products from the research phase through to commercialisation, through multiple channels, created strong brands, reinvigorated existing brands and has many insights into successful distribution channel management.  Mark has managed sales and marketing teams, set up international distribution contracts, analysed markets, killed under-performing projects and products and rationalised portfolios.

Mark looks at value-creation flows through the business, from raw material purchase through to customer invoicing and debtor management, and building/streamlining the various interbusiness interactions along the way.  He understands the challenge of change with a holistic view of business and an understanding of the many challenges business owners face.  Mark promotes a bias for action and for making things happen.

Mark enjoys helping businesses to positively alter their circumstances to create sustainable incremental profit.  He has worked successfully in the tourism, resources, agricultural, biotech and other sectors, and with manufacturers and professional services in many sectors.  

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