Paula Martin

General Manager, Australian Business Consulting and Solutions
Spanning a 20 year career in strategy, marketing, sales, product development and PR, Paula has worked for both large and small businesses to develop and deliver successful marketing, brand and product initiatives.

She has held senior management positions across a range of industries, including IT software, HR consulting and accounting, and has built successful operations that deliver innovation, product development, marketing strategies, sales results, brand and customer loyalty.

Having long held a personal interest in the growth of small businesses, Paula ran her own marketing consulting business for three years, consulting to business owners in the construction, retail, IT and training and development markets.

Paula holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree.

Currently Paula is General Manager of the Australian Business team, incorporating International Trade, OHS, Marketing, IR/HR and business improvement services. She is charged with designing and delivering forward thinking information, online resources and consulting services that help business manage their growth, solve problems and achieve their possibilities.

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