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5 Business Improvement Tips to Prepare for Christmas Shutdown


If it’s your peak business period ...
  • It’s inevitable that you will be working, but have you the right team or contract workforce on board? You need to prepare for this well in advance to maximise the gains of your prime order period.
  • Ensure your administrative and financial arrangements are in place to sustain the requirements of the holiday working force.
It’s an opportunity to think about the Team and Culture
  • Celebrate the end of year, acknowledge achievement etc. The team will remember this in the coming year.
  • Be clear on policy around coming into work during the shutdown….who/when/how/why.
Risk management
  • Emergency contact details/information for skeleton staff, suppliers and customers.
  • Are equipment and machinery turned off? This can reduce the risks, and save money too.
  • Ensure back-up systems, generators are ready and able, to protect assets and the premises and to trigger security responses.
  • Follow shut down procedures, practices and checks.
Rest and Rejuvenation
  • Business owners need rest too, if you're a business owner get some rest and relaxation. You and your business will benefit in the coming year.
  • And for employees that have accumulated leave days, negotiate how they can take leave so that the company does not carry over this liability unnecessarily.
Planning for work resumption in the New Year
  • Schedule your production / service resumption schedules appropriately because employees can be unable to get back to work on the dates expected.
  • For some businesses, it’s a slow period after Christmas, use the days for planning and or retreats.
  • Slow periods may be appropriate for servicing and refurbishment of plant or office facilities. There will improve efficiencies and motivation in the New Year.

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