Business Management

Eligible Australian businesses within the identified Growth Sectors are able to take advantage of the following services under Business Management.

Business Evaluation

Experienced Business Advisers review business operations, including business direction and strategy. The outcome of the review is a unique Evaluation Report tailored to your business that has business improvement suggestions which can be implemented to improve your business either for a specific project, or for your business as a whole depending on your requirements.
A skilled and expert Business Adviser will:
  • Come to your business premises to gather information about your business
  • Undertake further research and analyse the information off-site
  • Prepare a tailored Business Evaluation Action Plan outlining strategies your business can take to become more competitive, improve and grow.
When you are ready to apply the strategies, the Business Adviser will coach and mentor you for up to twelve months. Your business will also then have access to a co-funded Business Growth Grant of up to $20,000* to engage further consulting services to scope and develop the actions identified during the Business Evaluation.

To find out more and to apply, go to Business Evaluation.

Supply Chain Facilitation

Through targeted supplier improvement activities, the Entrepreneurs’ Programme helps Australian SMEs to become globally competitive suppliers and play a greater role in creating value across the entire supply chain.
Supply Chain Facilitation offers your business practical ways to:
  • Connect with, and supply to existing and new markets
  • Provide you with project opportunities
At no cost to your business, a skilled Business Adviser or Business Facilitator will work closely with your suppliers and customers to:
  • Strengthen your supply chain
  • Improve your ability to access new markets.
Your business will also then have access to a co-funded Business Growth Grant of up to $20,000*.

To find out more and to apply, go to Supply Chain Facilitation.

Growth Services

A Growth Services engagement will enable your business to identify and capitalise on growth opportunities more rapidly, easily, and capably, with less risk. The engagement will help your business build the capacity to accelerate growth.

At no charge to you, a Business Adviser will:
  • Develop a unique Growth Plan for your business to help you reach your growth opportunity
  • Provide support, advice and mentoring to build the necessary capabilities, culture, strategies and connections for growth
  • Facilitate access to relevant advice, networks and knowledge
  • Help maintain your growth momentum through a coaching and mentoring service of up to 24 months.
Your business will also then have access to a co-funded Business Growth Grant of up to $20,000*.  

To find out more and to apply, go to Growth Services.

Tourism Partnerships

Tourism Partnerships is a service delivered by an experienced Facilitator to a group or consortium of businesses location in Northern Australia, to facilitate and encourage joint activities for the benefit of the group, which may include joint marketing and/or packaging of complementary products or services to increase the awareness of destination tourism in your location.

The focus of a Tourism Partnership is to support businesses to realise the substantial business benefits that can be achieved through successful collaboration and alliances.

An experienced private sector Business Facilitator will work with your group to:
  • Find innovative and collaborative approaches to marketing and/or packaging opportunities for the benefit of all members of the partnership
  • Identify strategies for collaboration on common business interests
  • Help solve common business challenges
  • Develop a Tourism Partnership Plan which will include unique and tailored recommendations for the group to improve the collective capability and competitiveness.
The Tourism Partnership will also then have access to a co-funded Business Growth Grant of up to $20,000*.

To find out more and to apply, go to Tourism Partnerships.

Business Growth Grants

Business Growth Grants of up to $20,000* co-funded by your business, provide financial help for you to improve business operations and achieve growth through the engagement of external consulting services. This will assist you to further scope and develop improvement strategies identified by the following services:
  • Business Evaluation
  • Supply Chain Facilitation
  • Growth Service
  • Tourism Partnership service.
To find out more and to apply, go to Business Growth Grants.

* Conditions apply. Please visit Business Growth Grants for more details.

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Business Facilitator, Sydney & National
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Business Adviser, Brisbane North & Sunshine Coast Qld
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Business Adviser, Broome WA
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Business Facilitator, Sydney and National
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