How do you grow business the Asian Century?

Going global has never been more relevant. With emerging markets tipped to represent nearly $30 trillion in annual consumption by 2025, the recent release of ‘Australia in the Asian Century’ white paper has brought to Australia’s attention that that our future in the region is secure if we act now....

Business Management

Business Management encourages and assists small and medium businesses to improve their capabilities, extend their networks and take advantage of growth opportunities. All services utilise site visits, market analysis and consultation to tailor a report that is unique and specific to your business. Your business will then also have access to coaching and mentoring support to assist you throughout the growth journey. ...

Innovation Connections

Innovation Facilitators will help your business to assess the gaps in your business knowledge and provide specialist support to foster innovation through engagement with the research sector. ...

Eligibility and Growth Sectors

Small and medium businesses are eligible if they have an annual turnover or operating expenditure within the current financial year, or one of the two previous financial years, within the following thresholds:...

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