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Welcome to a new year; Australian Business Consulting & Solutions February e-update

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07 February 2013

What a tumultuous start to the year. As we counted our blessings on Australia Day and celebrated living in the greatest nation in the world, I am sure I wasn’t the only person whose sentiments were torn as I watched the devastation in Queensland unfold before my eyes.

With almost 10,000 insurance claims, nearly $200m in damages and 2000 homes and 200 businesses affected by the floods, its natural to start to wonder how the second natural disaster in as many years in Queensland is going to affect the nation’s economy.

Queensland accounts for approximately 20% of the Australian economy, 60% of global coking coal exports and 28% of Australia’s fruit and vegetable production. The most flood affected region was Bundaberg, located in the heart of a rich sugar and horticultural belt supported by a growing manufacturing sector.

The economic effects especially in the agricultural sector will not be minimal.

But as Australians we can rely on our resilience. We are determined, dedicated and have a plethora of resources and IP at our fingertips ensuring our bounce back.

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions was developed as an initiative of the chamber movement meaning that as part of our core values, we are here to ensure that Australian businesses succeed and grow.

Our Queensland partner,  CCIQ,  have developed a range of resources to help business get back on their feet as quickly as possible. You will find available to you flood factsheets  and an employer assistance line .

For those not affected but wish to support the recovery you can contact the Queensland Floods Appeal 2013; a partnership between the Queensland Government and the Red Cross. Funds raised will provide assistance to individuals, families and communities directly affected by the floods.

In the meanwhile use this time to reflect on your business continuity. Have you got disaster recovery plans in place so in the event of a disaster your business can continue to operate?  Revisit or document your plan now. Consider all parts of your business including infrastructure, people, processes, customer service, supply chain and delivery to your clients. If you don’t have a plan in place, call us on 1800 505 536 and we can help you to get started.

Kind regards
Paula Martin
General Manager
Australian Business Consulting & Solutions

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