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Australian Business Consulting & Solutions September e-update

Release Date

03 September 2012

In this month’s edition you will celebrate Olympic Gold, find out about adverse action — employer’s response to OHS/WHS complaints, discover how we support Employers of the Year, get some great tips for planning a website, ascertain how rates for overtime hours determined and participate in Safe Work Week 2012 in QLD.

This month, I am feeling particularly inspired. It’s a combination of it being spring; the lightness in the air and the sense that summer is coming. Coupled with my recent attendance at the Australian Chambers Business Congress where I had the pleasure of listening to some truly remarkable speakers.

Since returning to the office, I have charged myself with the task of transferring this inspiration to my team and demonstrating that the next best idea is just around the corner.

In my experience I have found that the most successful organisations are run by people who lead by example. They are individuals who lead with honesty and take responsibility for their actions, demonstrating that taking ownership for one’s action is vital.

I have always been a firm believer that it is essential to praise employees when they have achieved success; regardless of the impact. Not only do these employees deserve your praise but you will notice your team as a whole will become motivated, continue to do good work and recognize each other’s value.

It is important to demonstrate integrity. Your team looks up to you and needs to be assured that you will fulfil your commitments; even if it is something simple like showing up for a scheduled meeting.

Lastly I believe the most important component of leading by example is to create an inspirational culture. Infuse your language with enthusiasm and purpose and let your team know that you’re excited about what the company is doing.

At Australian Business Consulting & Solutions we continuously strive to deliver solutions which are beneficial to you, your staff and your business as a whole. Internally we encourage our team to be their best and deliver products and services that are industry leaders.

Whatever it is that you do and regardless of the industry in which you operate, there is a definite sense of brilliance and ingenuity on the horizon.

Kind regards,

Paula Martin
General Manager
Australian Business Consulting & Solutions


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