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Australian Business Consulting & Solutions has arrived

Release Date

15 May 2012

Welcome to Australian Business Consulting & Solutions e-update, where you will find the latest business tips on staying ahead of WHS Harmonisation, attracting new customers using your website and how to manage your casuals.

We are excited to be launching in Queensland, so for those of you lucky enough to be living in our Sunshine State we would love to see you at our Networking Night of Nights.

Backed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland and NSW Business Chamber our team is passionate about helping our clients find new markets, manage compliance and realise their opportunities.

A recent extract from Exploiting Chaos: 150 ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change by Jeremy Gutsche gave me pause to reflect on how business is coping with the dual speed economy and an environment of chaos that can no longer be ignored.

We are seeing two trends: a ‘back to basics’ approach by those businesses batting down the hatches and reviewing their core business model for conservative improvements; and the ‘be bold at the risk of failure’ approach where high risk takers innovate and update in the face of chaos, searching for patterns of opportunity and meeting the evolving needs of their market at the risk of failure.

Whichever model you follow, there are two core drivers that underpin the degree of success by business. The first is listening to your customer’s needs, wants and desires. Listening to your customers will drive innovation and change no matter how steadfast or radical. The key is to listen often.

The second is to have a passionate and mobilised staff ready to take your business to the next level. The type of culture you build correlates to how your customers interpret your brand so the better your culture, the higher the success with your customers.

So passion, innovation and listening have become my mantra for the year, and I encourage you to adopt it too. Passion breeds innovation, and innovation breeds change. Let’s change the way we do things and make a difference to our customer’s lives.

Don’t forget to join us at our launch where you can promote your business at our Queensland Networking Night of Nights. Register your interest here.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Paula Martin
General Manager
Australian Business Consulting & Solutions

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