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End of Financial Year; Australian Business Consulting & Solutions e-update

Release Date

27 May 2013

It’s that time of year again where, as business owners, we knuckle down and frantically try and capture as many sales as possible so we can achieve our targets, ensure we don’t lose our budget allocation for next year and try and find a spare moment or two to think strategically about the future of our business and what needs to be achieved in the coming 12 months.

When it’s an election year, the uncertainties surrounding the new budget, government and the potential implications of their policy changes, makes business planning even more difficult. 

In my experience, business often put key decision making on hold until the new government is elected to assess what the roll on affects will be. With the election scheduled for September, a holding pattern may mean falling a quarter behind in your targets, sales, strategic planning or indeed a quarter behind everything you needed implemented by end of June.

In the current economy, the businesses that succeed will be the ones that have projected the possible impacts to their business post election and planned and initiated initiatives that future proofs their business practices.

You can find out what potential impact the election will have on your industry by contacting your State Chamber of Commerce. 
For immediate planning, refine and engage your website and channels to market, make sure that appropriate tools and resources are in place and that they comply with legislation.

Work with a business partner to help you deliver results and put your business in the best position for the next financial year.

Happy planning!
Paula Martin
General Manager
Australian Business Consulting & Solutions 

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