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The sweet smell of success - how a candle stick maker quadrupled their results

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21 October 2013

Enterprise Connect is proud to share their success story about a recent client ‘Ecoya’. Since partaking in the enterprise connect program Ecoya has increased productivity by 40 per cent and has expanded into multiple export markets. Below is a snapshot of how the Enterprise Connect team helped Ecoya evolve from there humble beginnings to a multi million dollar business.
“From humble beginnings in a home garage, Ecoya is now the largest candle maker in Australia. Using only natural ingredients to produce its luxurious range of fragrance and body care products, owner Craig Schweighoffer was looking to grow Ecoya into a multi million dollar business.

"We knew we had to improve our overall manufacturing performance, our manual 'hand made' approach was no longer meeting demand," Craig reflected. "We had no spare resources to investigate alternative machinery or develop in house solutions and Enterprise Connect helped clarify what we needed to do to achieve our objectives. Business Adviser, Terry O’Riordan connected us with the right people to assist us in getting the job done, and he continues to inform us of networking events and workshops to continue building upon our skills."

Ecoya's manufacturing productivity increased by 40 per cent and turnover increased from $10 million to an estimated $16 million within the financial year. Ecoya also grew from 25 to over 60 staff and, whilst the Australian market still accounts for more than 60 per cent of sales, Ecoya has expanded its export market to the United States, United Kingdom, Asia and the Middle East.”
Australian Business Consulting & Solutions is proud to provide Enterprise Connect to our clients. This program that is delivered by 12 Advisors who have strong commercial backgrounds, Enterprise Connect is an Australian Government initiative which offers comprehensive advice and support to eligible Australian small and medium businesses to help them transform and reach their full potential.
The Enterprise connect team deals with a wide range of industries including manufacturing, resources, tourism, clean technology, defence, creative, printing and publishing, food processing, professional services, information and communication technology and transport (freight) and logistics can apply. Following the review process, eligible companies can apply for matched funding to implement the findings of the report. So why not join successful companies such as Ecoya and improve your productivity and profitability today.

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