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Exciting news for Business Vitality; Australian Business Consulting and Solutions March e-update

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14 March 2013

It’s the beginning of autumn in Australia but we aren’t feeling the cold here at Australian Business Consulting & Solutions as we will soon be heading off to balmy Qatar to attend the 8th World Chambers Congress where our business analysis tool Business Vitality Check is a finalist in the category for Best Small Business Project Award.

Business Vitality Check was developed to assist Australian businesses asses their performance and understand where improvements can be made to accelerate their growth. 

Business Vitality Check scores your business against a matrix of criteria including customer management, strategy and planning, marketing, finance and operations. An outcome of the online diagnostic is a comprehensive report detailing your businesses successes and how to leverage them as well as providing recommendations on how to rectify any weaknesses that were highlighted.

Many businesses have seen their companies flourish as a result of utilising the tool. Working with businesses of all sizes and seeing them move from strength to strength has truly been an honour and reaching international claim has been humbling.

Go to businessvitality.com.au to find out more.

On other news, we hosted a webinar on Thursday 7 March titled ‘Employment Life Cycle: People as a Resource; Easy to get Right, Costly to get Wrong!’.  If you missed this insightful one hour presentation you can watch it here in your own time. You will hear from representatives of Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors on the top issues that businesses get wrong when managing employees through the employment life cycle as well as how to prevent them.

As we reach the end of the third quarter and prepare for the race to the end of the financial year, business planning and budget setting is at the fore of the business owner’s agenda. Review your strategies with a trusted advisor and importantly document your plans so you can easily communicate them with your staff and measure your ROI throughout the year.

Paula Martin

General Manager

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions 

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