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Leading the Celebration

Release Date

10 December 2013

Every business leader has their own personal style to motivate their workforce to achieve excellence for their business. A motivated team produce a higher quality output faster and with a smile, becoming the brand ambassadors for the business both on and off the job.

So what is the best way to foster a winning attitude amongst your team?

One of the best ways that I found to do this is to celebrate the wins. My own personal leadership style has been to take every win and celebrate it with the whole team. Whether it is with a high five, a congratulatory email or a cake - the whole office is engaged in the process of recognising our success.

I have seen the effects of celebrating success first hand within our company, and have watched the evolution of a winning team that is motived and cohesive.  More so, creating a winning mentality has led to a complete cultural shift where the team embarks on projects supremely confident that they can ‘win’.

There are a number of key reasons that celebration produces the optimal outcome for our business:

It reminds the team of the goals you set and why you set them in the first place.
It’s easy to forget why a goal was important, which removes all meaning from daily task routines. When people connect their work with achieving team objectives to grow the business, they’re inspired to do more.
It motivates your team to continue delivering good work.
Employees who feel appreciated and know their efforts have been noticed become even more productive with the next round of projects.  If there are members of your team who are struggling to get along, reminding them that they have achieved a common goal helps bring them together.
It reminds the team that they work for a winning organisation.
People want to work for winners! So, one of the greatest morale-builders that a leader can offer employees is the knowledge that they work for a successful company, even if – and especially if – there are other areas where the company might be struggling.
So I encourage you to celebrate your successes this festive season and into the New Year and watch your businesses and your team flourish.

Have a safe and happy festive season!


About the Author

Paula Martin
General Manager, Australian Business Consulting and Solutions

Spanning a 20 year career in strategy, marketing, sales, product development and PR, Paula has worked for both large and small businesses to develop and deliver successful marketing, brand and product initiatives.

She has held senior management positions across a range of industries, including IT software, HR consulting and accounting, and has built successful operations that deliver innovation, product development, marketing strategies, sales results, brand and customer loyalty.

Having long held a personal interest in the growth of small businesses, Paula ran her own marketing consulting business for three years, consulting to business owners in the construction, retail, IT and training and development markets.

Paula holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree.

Currently Paula is General Manager of the Australian Business team, incorporating International Trade, OHS, Marketing, IR/HR and business improvement services. She is charged with designing and delivering forward thinking information, online resources and consulting services that help business manage their growth, solve problems and achieve their possibilities.

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