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Performance; is it a part of your business DNA?

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30 October 2013

Is performance part of your business DNA? When asked this question last week, I had to stop and self-reflect.

The Oxford dictionary defines performance as the action or process of performing a task or function. Nothing radical here, our business does this every day.

Intellectual insights on the attributes of performance over the years have resulted in various methodologies now applied across all areas of operations. These methodologies enable a business to compete, attract and retain key talent, continuously improve, innovate and deliver superior customer service.

But to achieve leadership in a chosen arena requires more than just performance, it requires great performance.
Companies that embed great performance into their DNA cope better with disruption whether it be new technologies, global influences, people or regulatory changes. They execute agility in a transient market.

Could I confidently say that great performance was part of our DNA? To be truly great, the way actions or processes executed within my business should be done at optimal levels, all of the time.

All parts of my business need to be working together in a disciplined, consistent way so that our people, processes, infrastructure, governance and our customer service result in a return on investment, relevance and most importantly value to our clients.

Reflecting on our matrix of performance metrics, I need to ensure that I revisit my strategy, monitor and measure progress so that we can change things to remain agile and cope with disruption.

Absolutely our people deliver their best, and without a doubt we offer the superior business services in market, but there is always room to improve and further embed great performance into our DNA.

With the summer break around the corner, taking time to review your strategic plan against progress, identify potential roadblocks and implement changes to improve performance across your business will be well worth the investment of your time.

Check all your performance metrics - people, operations, sales and marketing and financials. Introduce metrics where you don’t have them. Without measurement, you can’t truly know if you are achieving great performance.

Have a great November.

Paula Martin

General Manager, Australian Business Consulting & Solutions

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