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Think outside of the square with ABCS; Australian Business Consulting & Solutions December e-update

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20 November 2013

Thinking outside the square is a regular pastime at ABCS. I’m proud to say our team has come up with some award winning products, game-changing strategies and truly unique programs to help our clients. 

All it takes is a great idea.  But for every great idea, there are several ideas that fail and many more that never make it on the board. 

I was inspired to listen to Chad Hurley, the founder of YouTube at the Australian Business Congress in August.  He had a single great idea, to make it easier to share video online.  Others in Silicon Valley had similar ideas which hadn’t worked, and he learned from those failures.

It occurred to me: would YouTube have happened if other ideas hadn’t failed?  Would YouTube have succeeded unless Chad and his colleagues been encouraged to speak up and share their idea?

As managers, we celebrate the great ideas – but we usually fail to acknowledge the failed ideas, moving on as quickly as we can. Worse, we have no way of capturing the random thoughts of our team – which combined may form the elements of our next great idea.

So is it enough to just think outside the square?  

Reflecting on our own business, the ABCS team has started a program of encouraging and capturing ideas. From simple steps like open meeting spaces, to developing a system for logging ideas and insights, and active collaboration across teams to develop new concepts.

During 2014, we are keen to extend our collaborative product and service innovation to actively engage our customers in the process. After all, the smartest minds are not all in our own organisations.

Consider the innovation process in your own business, and make the time and space for creative thinking. The next big idea may be there waiting.

Have a great December.

Paula Martin
General Manager, Australian Business Consulting & Solutions

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