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Welcome to Australian Business Consulting & Solutions October e-update

Release Date

03 October 2012

In this month’s edition you will discover how to get the most of your social media efforts, what has happened to the 14,000 public services job losses in QLD, discuss whether Work Health & Safety is a new concept, form an opinion about mounted iPads; are they a safety issue and finally get informed about the Indonesia/Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.

With the reserve bank’s decision to cut official interest rates, now is the time to ensure that you are implementing strategic sales and marketing initiatives prior to the end of the year when business and consumers alike are occupied with the festive season.

The Reserve Banks decision should help set the economy up for a strong Christmas trading period by giving both businesses and consumers wider scope to manage their finances.

What is imperative, as a professional in business, is to make sure you that you are making the connections now with your clients to ensure that the business is secured before the end of the year. The best way to do this is to plan.

By this time of the year you should have already determined your overall sales and marketing strategy. The wheels should already be in motion in developing promotions and campaigns and it’s now time to implement them.

If you are reading this thinking that you just haven’t had time to put together a sales strategy, the following five tips may be of some assistance

  1. Define your target market. This is critical as your goods and services aren’t going to suit everyone.
  2. Determine your channels to market. Will you cold call? Network? Host an event? You are looking for an introduction, so determine which of the prospects you have a direct connection to follow up and set up a meeting.
  3. Know your customer. Before you go to a sales appointment, create a list of questions. This is the opportunity for you to understand their business requirements.
  4. Deliver and build. Deliver what you promised. Then make sure you build the relationship. Don’t expect your clients to become repeat customers if you don’t take the time to build the relationship with them.
  5. Monitor. This is critical to a successful sales strategy. You must keep track of how well you are doing. Each month ask yourself: How did it go? What worked? What didn’t work? Did I achieve my targets? Get rid of what doesn’t work and keep what does. Determine what might need to be changed and change it. If you reached your targets then celebrate!

I hope that these practical tips see you successfully leverage a more confident market and you achieve all your business goals.

Paula Martin

General Manager
Australian Business Consulting & Solutions

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