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Pacdon Food Group

Helping to launch Small Business September, we were proud to assist Pacdon of Bunnaloo, one of the winners of the event’s much publicised Marketing Makeover Competition.

Founded on a vision 11 months ago, Pacdon of Bunnaloo specialises in crafting a range of gourmet traditional British pork products in a custom built facility. Their range includes handmade Pork Pies, gourmet Pork Sausage and their famous traditional Black Pudding.

The Pacdon team are active members of the local community and take pride in using green energy to meet their power needs, recycling and controlling their carbon emissions.

Marketing Strategy Workshop Recommendations

To ensure our team provided results driven marketing that was aligned to the Pacdon vision, team and customers, we delivered a Marketing Strategy Workshop. 

From this, a 48 page Market Research report and plan was given to Pacdon with ten recommended strategies including:

  • a dual branding strategy to target two distinct market segments, British expats and lovers of fine foods
  • building a wider distribution network with resellers and bulk purchasing business customers to increase sales – this included implementing a sales and distribution plan to sell into metropolitan areas
  • building regional alliance partnerships – working with local complementary businesses to open up opportunities for combined sales activity, new referral sources and product bundling, joint promotions and reduced transportation costs.

Brand Strategy and Creative Design

One of the key challenges faced by Pacdon was a brand that was a little confusing, trying to be gourmet with a typically non-gourmet products and representing themselves as British and Australian at the same time.  Our solution to this problem was to create a dual brand that enables Pacdon to appeal to two distinct consumer groups, British expats and Food lovers, while still capturing the “fine foods” essence of their product.

The British brand is very much in line with Pacdon’s personality, using colour, design references to the London tube and humour with Monty Python overtones to appeal to the British expat. The message here is that they can enjoy traditional British fare ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ without having to be in Britain to get a taste of home.

Visit our Gallery to see our creative design work.

Digital Marketing Campaign

We also came up with an online campaign idea to bring the British brand to life, called “Where do you eat your pie?”. Using flash a based application, our web programmers can develop this simple idea that enables customers to upload photos into the Monty Python themed poster template. These photos can then be displayed on Pacdon’s website, where people can vote on their favourite location. This develops a rapport with their expat community, increases customer loyalty and word of mouth.


The food lovers brand creates an indulgent experience that can be enjoyed with other fine food products such as wine, cheese and beer. This brand is simple, elegant and easily distinguishes Pacdon from other pies and sausages in the market. It also provides a conduit to tell the Pacdon story and is suitable for specialty stores and stockists.


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