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2016 Top Marketing Trends

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06 December 2016


Congratulations! You’ve made it to December and the year is almost done. Hopefully it’s been a productive one and you’ve achieved some (if not all of) the goals you set last December.

Looking back on the year at was it’s interesting to take note of the Marketing Trends that impacted us throughout 2016.

1. Wearable and Mobile Marketing
With the boom of wearable technology and the rise of the FitBit and smart watches, businesses and organisations are geared towards marketing that caters for on-the-move experiences. This included local optimisation and attention to apps and advertising opportunities compliant with wearable devices.

Concurrently, Mobile Marketing has continued its steady incline, with mobile device use exceeding desktop device use. Convertible notebooks, Fablets and tablets increased in popularity, which led platforms like Google and Facebook to prioritise marketing for mobile devices. They’ve created mobile-friendly algorithms and mobile-optimised layouts. At a minimum, this has meant mobile-optimised and responsive websites, but we’ve also seen custom apps and mobile-targeted campaigns.

2. Personalisation
We don’t like to be mass emailed or cold-called; we’re far too busy for that these days. Every company is producing content and digital world has become flooded with it. We don’t want to be manipulated by advertising either. So, 2016 has seen an increase in personalisation. Dynamic content has been popular this year with Websites that change depending on who you are and how you interact with them. Emails are addressed to you and often peppered with your company name and any information the company has collected about you.

This offers a more unique and customisable experience for the customer, with content that (hopefully) interests them and offers that they’re more likely to take up. Personalised content that helps solve a customer’s biggest pain point or answer a tough question they have has been key to standing out from the flood of content out there this year.

3. Two-Way Communication
Social Media was previously used to disseminate information from brand to audience. However 2016 has seen an increase in a two-way dialogue with brands pushing out content, fans asking questions and brands responding – either via PM or within the post’s comment section. Companies have been utilising social-media monitoring tools to respond to social engagements and open up further dialogue with customers who demonstrated a need to be serviced or sold.

4. Video and Live Streaming
Online Video became increasingly prevalent in marketing material globally this year. Brands were showing ‘behind the scenes’ footage, unboxings, how-to demonstrations and event recaps.

With the introduction of SnapChat for businesses, Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Live, live streaming became the newest trend and brands took a shining to this feature.

5. Thought Leadership
If you wanted to stand out from the competition this year, you had to be the expert in your field.

By sharing your accumulated knowledge and helpful content with your audience, in instilled a sense of trust in your brand as you built up their confidence in your company.

6. Advocate Marketing
Word of Mouth has always been around and always been a successful marketing strategy;

  • Do a good job
  • Win repeat business
  • Get referred

It’s a no brainer.

In 2016 the advocacy system really took off. We started marketing to and through advocates, identifying influencers and advocates and using these people to tout our brands.

Advocate marketing saw us put a strategy in place for advocates to help buyers learn as much as they could about us. Nurturing our advocates boosted their performance and our overall results. So, whilst celebrity endorsement used to be popular, 2016 saw the rise in influencers you’ve built relationships with through positive experiences with your company.

7. Content
It’s not a broken a record, content is simply still king. However in 2016 it was all about context – where are you placing your content? Is it going out to the right people? Are those people at the right stage in their buyer’s journey to receive that piece of content? Is your content dynamic?

Victory was found in natural, relevant content, distributed through the right channels, regularly.

Regularly updated blogs, social media content, e-books, whitepapers, checklists and how-to videos and tutorials were all massively successful.

2017 is set to be an interesting year in marketing with some of the above trends carrying on and some further developing and taking flight.

Did you embrace these trends? Did you find success?

If you’re looking to achieve more in 2017 than you did this year, contact us today to formulate and start implementing a brand new marketing strategy.

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