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4 Key Components of a Brand Strategy

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28 November 2016


Your brand strategy will reinforce your positioning in the market and in the long term if planned and executed correctly, will see the development of a successful brand. It is essential that you acquire insights and data from your target customers and from the market that you are selling. You then weave those insights into a strategy and a roadmap that will drive success for your business.
Let’s look deeper into considering your customers’ needs, emotions and look at the competitive environment to help you along your Brand Strategy journey.

Competitive Analysis - What is your unique brand story, and what is the story that you can tell your audience? Look at what makes you and your business offering unique to the market, identify the positive differences you have over your competitors and promote that in your marketing to the channel. For example, if you have a great turnaround time in your delivery service, then utilise that over your competitors. Customers will always compare apples with apples and if you are able to deliver better and at a cheaper cost, then the chances are you will have won that customer over your competitors. Differentiation is crucial for your brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Promise - What is the purpose of your business (besides making money), and the value that you promise to deliver to the customer? Rather than just providing a product, you want to give the customer a better experience and this approach is appealing to customers, as it demonstrates your commitment to providing value beyond the point of sale. These emotions will help reinforce your brand to be trustworthy, reliable and caring and will help to present your brand as one that customers should affiliate.

Customer Persona – Who your customer is needs to be in the forefront of your marketing team’s focus. Identifying your ideal target customer will enable you to bring value and serve their needs more effectively and enable you to deliver your promise which will reinforce your brand’s reputation in a positive light. What the demographic of your target customer? Are they young, middle aged, mature-aged, male or female, and which areas are they from? With the answers to these questions, you can easily discover the best way to market your business and reinforce your brand in the most effective way. If you don’t know your customer, then you won’t know what they need or want.

Timeline and Road Map - Brands don’t become what they are today without effort and hard work. You must have a plan so you do not lose direction of where you want to go and the journey you take to get there. For example, have I identified my customer for my product? What can I provide them to give me that unique point of difference? How will I target those particular customers so they can see what I can offer? Is that the feeling and impression that I want to leave behind? Setting yourself a timeline and routing out the avenues you need to take to get there will keep your purpose, goals and mission clear and make for an easier path to branding your business.
A brand is something you build up from the ground, as customers won’t know who you are until you have pitched yourself and marketed yourself to the community. It’s similar to a garden patch that you nurture, fertilise and occasionally de-weed to allow it to bloom to its full potential. Good luck with building your Brand Strategy!

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