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Make your business shine with Mobile Marketing

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30 April 2014

When was the last time you left your phone at home? For me personally it was a rainy day back in 2012!
We Australians have readily jumped on the mobile bandwagon. Not only do we have one of the highest rates of smartphone penetration in the world. But the concept of ‘being mobile’ has infiltrated our daily lives with wonderful opportunities for both companies and consumers.
The smartphone or tablet is now a critical extension of our lives with 87% of Australian’s using their tablets for work communication, and 9 out of 10 executives using apps to stay informed, entertained and productive.
And because of more readily available and faster internet speeds, Australia’s workforce is becoming more mobile and nimble.
Mobiles, including smartphones and tablets, are complementing existing devices as well as replacing them. A key initiative for business owners and marketers to undertake is to consider the mobile customer journey first. Considering how connected individuals are to their mobile devices, this is the perfect opportunity to integrate mobile into all elements of a communications strategy.
Just like in the B2C world, B2B marketing is targeting people too! They are all drawn to engaging and fun experiences and can be reached in a personal environment.
So what can you do today to effectively get started?
  1. TAKE THE FIRST STEP. The reality is that in the not too distant future mobile may well be the primary channel we are using to communicate with our audience. So act now and create goals. Start integrating some form of mobile element into your communications and plan to address the challenges that need to be overcome in order to integrate it into your current systems.
  2. JUST DO IT – BUT WITH A STRATEGY. We all love an app, but jumping in headfirst without a clear strategy will most likely be a costly mistake. A build it and they will come mentality unfortunately does not work. The best way to succeed is to ensure your app is developed with a clear customer persona and customer journey in mind.
  3. THINK CUSTOMER CENTRIC. Being mobile smart isn’t just about using mobile as another channel to distribute the same old marketing just in a different format! A mobile consumer or workforce opens up so many more opportunities that are unique to mobile. Some examples include built in cameras, GPS abilities, touch-screens, motion sensors etc. This is your time to shine and deliver to your customer a tailored solution.
I for one and very excited about helping ABCS’s clients embrace mobile and create a more meaningful and personal experience for their customers and clients.
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About the Author:

Jessica-Blake.jpgThis article is written by Jessica Blake, Senior Marketing Consultant, Australian Business Consulting & Solutions and Business Coach for the Digital Enterprise Program.

Jessica has over 10 years’ experience in planning and executing cohesive marketing campaigns, incorporating both traditional and digital marketing strategies for SME’s and national companies across a diverse range of industries and Not For Profit Organisations.

She has a passion for working with businesses to help them achieve their sales and marketing targets.


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