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Top 5 Things You Should Stop Doing On Your Website Right Now

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22 July 2016

You always hear about the things you should be doing on your website, however, what about the things you shouldn’t. Our web developers have compiled a list of the top 5 things you (or your web dev team) should stop doing on your website right now.
1. Vague Taglines
Every business has unique selling points (USP) regardless of the industry they are in. Letting customers know what these USPs are is an important factor to selling your services. So that you are helping your potential customers understand what value your business brings, avoid making taglines or headlines vague e.g. if you are a design agency and your tagline was just “beautiful designs”.
This doesn’t help the visitor understand what value this will add to their issue or problem. If you were to perhaps change it to “Award-winning design agency with beautiful designs”, it would be much more descriptive.
If you don’t know what to use as your tagline, you can always test to see what works best. Test variations of these taglines to see what works for you. This way, you are helping your visitors understand whether they are in the right place when they land on your website.

2. Social Media Icons in Your Header 
Showing your business’s presence on social media is great. It shows the customer that there are other ways to connect, communicate and engage with your business other than the traditional phone call, contact form or email.
Some websites however, tend to go overboard with displaying all the social media platforms across their website header, this does not necessarily have any benefit but can make your visitors leave.
It is recommended to have these icons in the website footer or contact form, places where it is less likely to be a distraction and it is also away from the main content. Using faint colours will make them less prominent and distracting.

3. Meaningless Section Headers
When parts of a page are broken up into smaller sections, sub-headings are usually generated for those sections. These sub-headers are often larger than the items in the section, but far less meaningful.
Take an ecommerce site for example - you want to have your most popular products on the front page and for that section is named “Products”. However, it would be more beneficial and informative to change to a more descriptive title such as “Our Most Popular Products” or remove the title completely to make the products feature more prominently.

4. Including dates on your blog
Why? Content on your blog can be repurposed into a drip marketing campaign. If there is a date on the blog, it could be viewed as old or outdated content (even if it is still relevant or have any new updates).

5. YouTube Suggested Videos
Including your YouTube videos on your website has two main benefits - one benefit is for SEO purposes as it’s a Google product and Google loves having their own content on users’ websites; second benefit is that it is a great tool that can be used to engage with your online audience by using short snippets.

When you are incorporating YouTube videos onto your website, it is best to embed the video onto the site. Also, ensure that the suggested videos option is unchecked in the “embed video” option, otherwise, your viewers will be able to see other videos, (suggested by YouTube) which can potentially be from your competitors in the video feed.
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