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The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority

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10 December 2013

In our new digital world of social networks, mobile technologies and always ON life, it seems that our online vanity is not only amplified but also actively encouraged through the influence of statistics, how many friends, followers and connections in your circles.

Our digital egos get brushed often when someone shares or likes our picture of the new puppy or that cool new ‘thingy’ that we bought. It’s a crazy phenomenon that hits the perfect emotional triggers of us all when we are liked and socially accepted.

In business and marketing today we consider our social media channels the easiest and quickest way to influence and lead people in our industries.

Having ‘Likes’ doesn’t equate to leadership, people reading your post doesn’t mean anyone will ever take action on our recommendations and opinions, where being a leader is about having the ability to lead, cause people to change their beliefs and behaviour and move forward.

Here are my top tips on how to influence and become a leader online.

1# Create a strong, consistent leader personality
The public is interested by personalities and not businesses. To be a true leader you must show this personality so people connect.

Be authentic in your personality, the stronger your personal brand and identity, the more power you will have to influence your followers. If you don’t have a strong personal brand, spend time cultivating one. Remember your personal voice is not always the voice of your business. Lead by example and be innovative and don’t be scared to ask question.

2# Get involved and help others get involved

Get into the conversion as much as possible. Linkedin Groups, Facebook groups and forums. Show everyone why you are the influencer in the niche and why people should be listening when you speak (or type).

4# Publish More Epic Content

Publishing on social media is not all about puppy pictures and what you’re having for lunch but also the content around your niche and industry news that will help catapult your influence as a leader. Create e-books, whitepapers or engaging blog posts that will help build your tribe. Don’t forget to show your personality and always strive to ‘Write Epic Sh*t’!

5# Teach and share
Make sure you get out to the real world and try and share your experience and skills in real life. If your industry holds events try and get a spot to speak at the event or even attend and make old school connections.
The best leaders are apt to be found among those executives who have a strong component of unorthodoxy in their character. Instead of resisting innovation, they symbolize it. David Ogilvy

Phillip Parisis
Digital Producer

About the Author

Phillip Parisis works with both large and small businesses, to improve online user experience through psychological triggers, design principles and traffic sources in order to generate profitable leads and increase Google rankings.

Phillip has over 10 years’ experience in strategising, creating and developing web solutions, lead funnels and optimizing conversions for ASX200 listed companies, large and small online retailers and small businesses. Phillip’s background also includes lecturing in web design principles and digital marketing strategy, as well as workplace experience from both client side and agency perspective.

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