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How an upturned Bugatti solved my problem

Pondering the problem of the day - do you stare blankly at a beige cubicle wall, wallpapered with post-its and telephone lists, or the blinking screen of an empty Word document?  For many of us, our creative problem solving is done within the confines of our offices – meaning that the solutions we adopt are traditional, learned approaches.

Some months ago, I was asked to bring a business problem along to a creativity course.  Armed with coloured markers and a single piece of blank drawing paper, we were set free on the centre of Sydney – with very simple instructions.

Put your problem foremost in your mind.  Focus on it and understand it.  Then wander.  Look at things, and if something attracts you – spend time quietly considering the relevance to your problem.  Sketch it down.  No speaking.

Naturally, this made a group of corporate executives rather nervous.   No-one wants to look silly.

Two hours later, my paper was filled with (terribly bad) sketches of an upturned Bugatti in the Art Gallery, fig trees in the Domain, a photo of miner’s cottage and a wall of windows.  Somehow, these series of random things connected, gave me insights and I had solved my problem – in a way that had not occurred to me before.

Three key learnings came from the experience:

  • The power of taking time to focus on a problem, in silence.
  • The mind’s ability to connect insights from unrelated objects.
  • How important our surroundings are to our creative thinking.
So the next time you need to come up with a truly creative solution, step outside the square of your office environment and find inspiration in a different space. Colouring in essential.

Phillip Parisis is a Digital Producer with Australian Business Consulting & Solutions Marketing team. If you have any questions, please contact him on 02 9458 7915 or phillip.parisis@australianbusiness.com.au