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Keyword analysis tips

Optimising a website is a continuous process mainly concerned with implementing small changes to its content and HTML code elements.

SEO is best implemented from scratch as your website is being built, but following the points below will help you optimise your existing site.

  • Research the keywords and phrases that apply to your business extensively. You can find out which keywords people are using to search for products or services like yours with keyword tool applications. Search for “free keyword tools” on the Internet for a selection.
  • Google’s Search-based Keyword Tool quantifies the popularity of various key phrases, with both search volumes as well as suggested advertising bid prices to ‘buy’ those keywords through Google’s text-ad program. That last bit of information can show you not only which key phrases will drive the most traffic to the site, but which will drive the most lucrative traffic to you as well.
  • The more specific the keywords are to your offering, the more qualified the prospect will be. For example, “television” is a very generic search phrase, but “Sony HD television” is a lot more specific. It therefore has a higher chance of attracting a more qualified lead that is further along the buying cycle. There are likely to be far fewer people using these specific search phrases too, so it will be easier to appear near the top of searches for them.

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