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Marketing on a tight budget: Impress your clients

Part 3 of a 4-part series

There are a number of clever ways that you can undertake marketing activities on a tight budget. Here is Part 3 of a 4-part series which discusses simple, effective marketing tips themed under four key areas: Find new clients, Engage your clients, Impress your clients and Retain your clients. The following tips are quick and inexpensive marketing ideas. Enjoy the third instalment of our 4-part series.

Impress your clients

Wherever possible, impress your clients!

  1. Demonstrate your knowledge and expertise at all opportunities (without sounding too ego-driven). Always be on the forefront of research in your industry or that of your clients. Perhaps think about weaving an interesting or impressive fact or two into your initial sales pitch with a new client. Always find a solution to your clients’ problems before they happen, and make sure you communicate that offering clearly to them. 
  2. Always put your best foot forward – develop a snazzy 1-page corporate profile that can be sent to potential new clients to introduce you and your company before you meet them for the first time. You may like to have a few different versions which are industry specific. 
  3. Have a great LinkedIn page and keep it up-to-date. Read through it every now and again to see if there are any areas you improve upon. It’s quite easy to forget or gloss over the great things you’ve achieved. Also make sure you’ve asked for testimonials, you might have a few fans out there you didn’t know about. 
  4. Keep a ‘Success Journal’ – whenever you have a successful outcome that you might find interesting enough to share with your family or that makes a great story - write them down! These examples may provide valuable material for an email alert or e-newsletter down the track. You will forget about them in a week or two as you get busy doing other things – so make sure you capture a few key details that you can refer to later. 
  5. Develop an E-book and/or get it published – publicise it through your website, have an event to celebrate its launch (you may also want to publish 50 – 100 copies of the book; we can help you here) or launch it via your clients and an e-campaign.  
  6. Write or commission short white papers or articles that can be launched on your website, submitted to online magazines or circulated to your client database. 
  7. Make sure you have a website that you are proud of, there’s no point doing a whole lot of work to get new clients, if they will be thoroughly unimpressed once they look you up online. (We can assist you with a brand refresh or an inexpensive new website.) 
  8. Enter business or relevant industry awards – winning these are always a great announcement and quite often you can include them on your website or business collateral (just check, sometimes there may be costs involved in displaying the logo for the awards). 
  9. Are you a natural conversationalist or come across particularly well over the phone? Consider contacting local or national radio stations and emailing through a list of interesting topics that you would be happy to be interviewed about. There may be a particularly relevant radio program for your business e.g. if you supply building materials to wholesalers and consumers; there may be a program that is focused on home renovations or handyman tips. Or perhaps could you offer to host a short radio program once a week where callers can ask you questions – you would have a captive audience! 
  10. Corporate Social Responsibility. If you are naturally inclined to support the three pillars of sustainability i.e. reconciliation of environmental concerns, social equity and economic demands (the 3 E's), you may want to consider having a Corporate Social Responsibility page or perhaps look at sponsoring some local awards. You may decide to do this slowly and test out a number of good causes or charities to make sure they are a good fit before you launch yourself in this area.



Jessica Blake is a Senior Marketing Consultant with Australian Business Consulting & Solutions Marketing team. If you have any questions, please contact her on 02 9458 7678 or jessica.blake@australianbusiness.com.au


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