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Social Media – What’s Right for your Business?

Social media – everybody’s talking about it and telling you that you need to be “on it”.  However, before you launch into setting up a company profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest you need to first consider a few key points…

What social media platforms are my target markets using?

Consider how people are using individual social media platforms to determine if they are the right communication platform for your business.  Will the target market relate to your business on that particular platform?
For example, Facebook is a social media site where people share personal information about what is happening in their lives – it is representative of someone’s individual personality and their personal life.  B2B businesses such as air conditioning companies, electricians and engineering companies are not likely to have much success on Facebook because people don’t generally relate to these types of businesses on a personal level.  Consumer brands promoting jewellery, clothing, food, motor vehicles, etc. are more likely to have a greater impact and gain more traction on Facebook.
Alternatively, LinkedIn is a platform for professionals to connect with one another.  It is the perfect medium for B2B organisations.

Who will maintain the social media sites?

You’ve determined the most appropriate social media platform(s) and set up an awesome Company Profile page.  Great!  Now what happens?  Who is responsible for posting statuses, answering customer posts and adding images?
Social media is not something that you can simply set and forget.  It requires constant and ongoing commitment to ensure the best return on investment.  Setting a social media schedule and clarifying roles and responsibilities of staff involved in maintaining the sites is imperative.  Additionally, it is essential to ensure that there are clear guidelines in place in regards to content and imagery.  If you are a professional organisation, then a funky tone with cartoon pictures is probably not the right image you want to portray for your business.  It is highly recommended to implementing a social media policy companywide.

How do I determine the Return on Investment?

What levels of resources are required to maintain your social media presence and how will you determine if this is meeting your goals?  Ensure you set clear goals and use the myriad of reporting tools available to evaluate the ROI on your social media activities.
Social media can be a powerful communication tool for your business, successfully generating consumer awareness and sales; however social media should be aligned with all other marketing activities within a comprehensive marketing plan.  Australian Business Consulting & Solutions can assist small and medium size businesses develop marketing and digital strategies including social media plans that are aligned with your business objectives and generate sales growth.

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